French online poker liquidity sharing could yet come through

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Online poker RJEL brings fresh hope for French online poker liquidity sharing with Spain and Italy According to a recent report published over at PokerNews, there is new found hope for French grinders that their country’s long suffering ring-fenced online poker market could open its gates to other European regulated markets in 2016. French gaming regulator ARJEL announced that an amendment to the nation’s Digital Bill will be presented to the French Senate as early as April this year. If it passes, its language would allow French rooms to share liquidity with selected other countries. Although this is promising news, especially as it was only last month that ARJEL’s latest tussle with the Senate ended in more disappointment for French poker players, the saga has been continually swinging back and forth since the French Gambling Act became law in 2010. Plus, even if the French National Assembly is finally satisfied by this new Digital Bill’s language, it would not mean that the rest of the world (the .com and .eu international player pools) would suddenly be invited back in. Only Italy and Spain, which have very similar ring-fenced online poker markets in place, would be allowed to enter negotiations over a potential liquidity share. It’s fair to say any optimism should be taken with a pinch of salt at this early stage, but hope has at least resurfaced quickly after its supposed eradication back in January.

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