Great Value in February’s Exclusive $2,000 MyBet Rake Race

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Promotions Start earning in our EXCLUSIVE mybet poker rake race for February We’re now a week into of our exclusive $2,000 Mybet Poker Rake Race for February and a slow start means that there should be some good money made to any new players joining Mybet on the iPoker network through HighstakesDB With a 1/4 of the race over, just $5 in paid rake will get a player up into one of our 15 paid positions. The value is good all the way up the leaderboard with just $13 in rake currently required to reach 10th spot on the leaderboard, in line for a $40 prize. Play a little more and contribute $29 in rake and you’ll be up to 7th place, where the prize money goes up to $100 – and just $33 in rake will push you up to 4th place, home of our $200 prize. At the current rate, nearly all of our 15 prize positions are likely to end up paying up to 100% equivalent rakeback With three weeks left in the month and very little action, now is a great time to sign up to mybet poker, on the iPoker network, and start earning big money fast. Many of our players earn in excess of 100% rakeback from out race each and every month – why not join them? See below for the prizes on offer in February’s race
You can check out the current standings in this month’s race here. Remember, on top of any race prizes won at this iPoker room, players can also earn up to 50% cashback and a substantial match bonus upon joining through HSDB, so be sure to check out the Mybet promo pages. Good luck!

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