Kanu7 Gets Some Back From wilhasha – Wins $152k at NLHE

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High stakes reports January was a rough month for Alex “Kanu7” Millar at PokerStars NLHE tables, and he ended up losing over $700k after some pretty heavy losses heads-up or short-handed. In the heads-up matches, it was wilhasha who got the better of Kanu7 most of the time, so the English pro will be happy to get a six-figure win from their latest encounter as he finished atop yesterday’s highstakes leaderboard with a $152.5k win over his Swedish rival. The pair played for 6.5 hours straight from mid-afternoon through to yesterday evening at the $100/$200 tables, playing almost 2.4k hands together, three tables at a time. Although Kanu was ahead for much of the game, as with most wilhasha matches, it was a swingy affair. Twice Kanu built up an $80k plus lead over the course of the first 4.5 hours, but both times wilhasha came back to take a small lead of his own. It was the last two hours which gave the game to Kanu7 as he went on a +$170k upswing to end the match up $152k. While he was at it, Kanu7 also took down two of the days three biggest pots: wilhasha makes trip 5’s on the turn, crushing Kanu’s pocket 3’s but he unwisely gives Kanu7 a free card and opts instead to jam on the river. Unfortunately for wilhasha the river is a 3, giving Kanu7 a full house and this $100k pot Unlucky wilhasha’s KK is outflopped by Kanu7’s 55 as the brit takes this $99.3k pot Both players catch a piece of the flop, Kanu with the King high flush draw and wilhasha with trip 7’s. An unfortunate river gives Kanu7 top pair and he calls off his last $20k in vain as wilhasha ships this $102.9k pot, the biggest of the day There were no other six-figure winners yesterday, with second on the daily leaderboard going to Mike “gordo16” Gordinsky after a long day at the 8-Game tables. He walked away a $70.8k winner, with Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky in third after he won $53.2k after 7 hours at the mixed game tables. Yesterday’s Biggest Winners Kanu7 +$152.5k gordo16 +$70.8k Sauce123 +$52.2k Jason Mercier +$46.6k For all yesterday’s results go to our results page, or for current action check out the live results section.

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